Delphi Measurement Pty Ltd

Made in Australia

Load Cell Forklift Truck Scales
Weighrite® "Safety First" Forklift Truck Scales

Retro fitting our ruggedized digital readout weigh system on your fork truck is an economical and practical method of increasing productivity and personal safety.

Our system is 100% Australian designed and manufactured. Delphi pressure transducers have stood the test of time in Australia since 1985.



  • Load weight totalled and displayed
  • Two programmable overload alarms
  • Long life batteries included. No truck wiring
  • Dynamic digital readout stability function


  • No loss of fork tyne capacity
  • Operator is aware of load weight at all times
  • Audible alarm continually monitors all weight and overload situations
  • Renders platform scales redundant



  • Data logger / time / date / weight download to computer when required (43MB)
  • Interlocking alarm output (no lifting on overload)


Just call or email for details of your nearest dealer or contact your regular hydraulic hose company. Average installation time 1½ hours.


This Weighrite system is designed with safety in mind - know what you are lifting at all times!

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Made in Australia