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Load cells and load pins

Load Cells / Load Pins / Tension Cells

Delphi Measurement offer you the ultimate range of force measurement load cells and load pin instrumentation suited to all types of load and crane monitoring, weighing, lifting, winching and towing. Our load cells, load pins, shackle pins and chain hoist kits are all designed and manufactured in Australia. All load cells and load pins can be linked to our versatile range of indicators by either radio or cable. We also repair damaged load cells.

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Recently Delphi has undertaken a redesign and a new domain. Check out our brand new site to discover new features and products.

Indicators and displays for load cells

Displays / Indicators

The indicators within this range are encased so the operator can either use them on the move (if battery powered) or be a permanent fixture, e.g. wall mounted. Delphi Force calibrates the load cell and instrumentation for you to ensure the system to works correctly.

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