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Large Digital Display for Load Cells and Load Pins

The Delphi large displays offer versatile functionality in easy–to–read 57mm and 101mm red LED digits. Processes may be monitored up to 60 metres away. The displays are fully programmable with setpoint control and serial data communications. The sealed front panel is rated IP65.

101.6mm readout
Dimensions 660.4mm x 200.0mm x 57.15mm

57.15mm readout
Dimensions 406.4mm x 101.6mm x 57.15mm


  • 101mm or 57mm digit models
  • Setpoint control
  • RS485/RS232 serial communications
  • AC or DC powered
  • Dual Form C relay outputs
  • Display response time 500 msec min
  • Aluminium case construction
  • Fully compatible with our optional red, amber and green safety LED lamp assembly.
overload lights
Alarm three light system

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