Product Overview

Stainless Steel Load Pin

For almost 20 years Delphi have been producing high quality load pins to suit a variety of loading applications. Measurement ranges of 100kg up to a massive 500t have been designed, machined, assembled and tested in our manufacturing facility on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Our load pins are well known within the crane, lifting and winch industries - thanks largely to the safety factor our designs - which typically exceeds 7:1 (minimum 6:1) to fall in line with rope safety factors in the lifting industry.

Many of our load pins are used to replace a pin in an existing machine or at the design/assembly phase of new equipment - often as part of a wedge socket, sheave or shackle.

Our custom build capability and short lead times are critical to our success.

Application examples

  • Crane lifting weight and overload readings
  • Cargo and material handling reading
  • Winching and cable laying
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Conveyor monitoring (weight)
  • Dynamometers
  • Axle Shaft or Pin replacement to record weight and force
Stainless Steel Load Pin

The advantage of choosing Delphi

  • Safety - 300% safe overload, 600% ultimate
  • Rugged - Internally gauged, IP67 rated
  • Short lead-time
  • One off, custom pins
  • Custom designs - assistance and recommendation of load pin design provided
  • Output variety - load cell, amplified (4-20mA or V) and wireless options
  • Pin locking/anti-rotation - solutions provided for locking the pin into place including key slot/s, circlips, anti-rotation bars, locking nuts/bolts etc.

General Specifications

Load range0.1 - 100 Tonnes
Accuracy+/- 0.5% of range*
Repeatability+/- 0.15% of range*
Excitation<10V DC
Output1.00mV/V nominal
Pin Dia. tolerance   g6 (-0.02mm - 0.04mm)**
Overload>300% (No damage))
 >600% (Ultimate)
Thermal effects+/- 0.005%/°C on output or zero *
Termination3106A 14S 6S 300 **


SensingFull bridge strain gauge, (dual bridge optional).
 4-wire standard, (6-wire optional).
Input resistance760 ± 8% Ohms **
Output resistance    700 ± 0.5% Ohms **
ConnectionDelphi 6 pin connector, M12 (optional), integral cable (optional
4 wireARed+ Excitation
 CBlack- Excitation
 EWhite- Signal
 FGreen+ Signal
Opt 6 wireByellow+Sense


Material630 grade stainless steel
Hardness   38-45HRC

Custom design requirements

With headWithout head
Dimension sheet for load pin with head Dimension sheet for load pin without head

Diameter (H above) and overall length required for quotation.
Dimensions B, C and D are required as a minimum to manufacture.
**Standard unless otherwise stated.

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