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For almost 20 years Delphi has been a reliable source of tension load cells and solutions. What is the secret to our success...

Safety: Delphi's range of Tension load cells are designed to meet stringent safety factors involved when lifting or winching using wire rope. Unlike the majority of load cells which typically have a 3:1 safety factor, Delphi's tension load cells have a minimum safety factor of 5:1 or higher.

Australian Made Quality: The 100 series range of Tension load cells are designed, machined, heat treated, constructed and tested in our Australia facility from quality sourced 630 stainless steel (100T series) or aluminium (103T series).

tension cell

Rugged: By using superior electrical connector and sealing methods developed from making quality load cells over the past 20 years, the 100 series is capable of performing in the most hostile of environments. All tension ells are IP67 miniumum.

T24 readout with load cell

Design: Our Tension Cell construction allows for ease of installation using standard components such as Bow or Dee shackles. A variety of designs and sizes are availabile to suit.

Load Indication/Alarm: Direct connection of the cell can be made to a large range of alarm modules, hand held, DIN rail, panel mount and large digit display instruments (see our display selection guide).

T24 readout with load cell in case

Portable Kits: To provide a portable range of solutions all tension cells are also available in kit form to make a wired or wireless portable weighing kit. Ideal for cranes, winch operators and inspectors checking unknown loads

Backup: All products are backed with a 24 month warranty. Ongoing calibration and all levels of repair are supported from our manufacturing facility.

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24 months warranty