Made in Australia
by Delphi Measurement

Load Cell
Cable Linked Hand Held Load/Force/Pressure Meter
Model HH4-WT

Measures from four wire load cells/transducers.

Pressure Meter Features

  • Pushbutton calibration and setup
  • May be calibrated by:
           – Entering the mV/V characteristics of the sensor, or
           – By applying a known load/pressure
  • Selectable sample rate up to 100 samples per second
  • User pushbutton may be programmed to any one of a selection of functions eg
             peak hold, display hold and tare
  • RS232 serial communications standard
  • Rugged construction
  • Automatic low battery indication
  • 9V 216 type battery supplied
Wired Readout



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24 month warranty

Made in Australia